The Wool Family Farm

Building a sustainable farm for future generations

The Chicken Wing

Heritage chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl

Tales from The Chicken Wing

The Chop House

Berkshire/Hampshire/Yorkshire cross hogs

Tales From The Chop House

The Meadow

Nubian and recorded grade Alpine dairy goats

Tales From The Meadow

The Steak House

Black Angus, Galloway and Highland cattle

Tales From The Steak House

The Pasture Out Yonder

Sheep, guardian donkeys, and companion horses

The Rabbit Foot

A colony of colorful mixed-breed rabbits

Tales from The Rabbit Foot

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Latest Stories

How to Breed a Goat

Much deliberation (mostly with myself) has occurred over that last few weeks on how best to go about breeding our darling little goats.

Wilma and Pork Chop Coming in for Dinner

Imagine this: It's 7:00 pm, evening feeding time. After filling up the feed bucket, I open the gate to a beautiful 4 acre pasture...

The Great Escape

On the third night of my taking over feeding, Wilma and Pork Chop weren't waiting for me at the gate as usual.

Goat Notes II

To Breed or Not to Breed? Well, that's not exactly the right question: the answer is to breed, of course, that's what it's all about.