Welcome to The Wool Family Farm. Photo of Highland cow, Mangalitsa pig, and Nubian goat.

The Wool Family Farm

From our Family to Yours

Mangalitsa piglets

Mangalitsa Piglets & Feeders

Mangalitsa is an old-world, heritage pig prized for its fluffy leaf fat and flavorful red meat. They’re a friendly bunch and fun to be around.

Above all, the prized Mangalitsa lard is a premium ingredient in our goat milk soap.

ADGA Registered Nubian Dairy Goats

We raise and show purebred Nubian dairy goats registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA.org). Raised on premium-quality feed and hay and provided with plenty of activities to entertain them, our goats are protected by our livestock guardian llama, Vivi.

Registered Nubians
Goat milk soap by the bar

On-farm Market & Soap Shop

Visit our on-farm market and select individual cuts of pasture-raised beef and/or Mangalitsa pork, or let us create a variety box for you.

In addition, shop for handcrafted, premium goat milk soap by the bar or gift box, and children’s story and activity books written and illustrated by Evelyn Wool.

On-farm market hours—by appointment.
Contact: (919) 307-1409 or TheWoolFamilyFarm@gmail.com.

Children’s Books—Stories from The Wool Family Farm

Richly illustrated story and activity books immerse your child in farming adventures with goats, cows, chickens, pigs and more! Strengthen your child’s understanding of farm-related vocabulary and concepts.

Children's story and activity books