Home is Where the Herd is

Meet all the animals on The Wool Family Farm

Take a trip around the farm, coloring in the farm animals as you go along:

As you wind your way around the farm,
Many are sure to sound the alarm.
Don’t be afraid–it’s just their way
Of wondering how you’re doing today.

First, in the Meadow, meet the gals:
Mischievous Misty and all of her pals.
Leah and Hazel, Georgia and more,
Plus Vivi the llama and kids galore.

Next stop is The Chicken Wing
Where you just might hear the rooster sing.
But if instead the guineas cackle,
Turn around before they tackle.

Now here we go, continuing on
Way out back behind the barn.
You’ve goat to be kidding me!
How many more goats do you see?

Next meet Lucy and Luke, Thunder and Storm.
Stroke their noses, soft and warm.
Be sure to watch out for Eunice and Eadie,
One of the two might knock out your kne-ee.

Moo-ving along, out to Great Pasture,
To leave the gate open would be a disaster.
Wave hello to Abby and Pork Chop.
If tempted to touch them, I’ll tell you to stop.

If it’s piglets that you seek,
Follow the bridge on over the creek.
You might find Sally bathing in mud.
But if she is dry, you can give her a hug.

Now that you’ve been around the farm,
We hope you’ve come to know the charm
of all our dear and furry friends,
Who’ll be with us always, and that’s The End.

Evelyn Wool is the artist, author, and farmer behind the heart-warming world of  Mischievous Misty, the first in an illustrated series of Stories from the Wool Family Farm. The adventures have just begun!

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