Eve’s Big Day on the Farm

Gram could hardly waitEve and Mama were coming to visit! But Mama will have to spend the day working in the house. What will she do to keep Baby Girl busy all…day…long?

What starts out as a visit to Gram’s house, turns into a big day on the farm for Eve. Come along for the ride as Gram, Eve, and Penny, the farm dog, zoom around exploring the flora and meeting the animals. There are curly-haired pigs, a mama cow and her calf, giant horses, wooly sheep, furry donkeys, clucking chickens, a tall llama, curious goats, and even Mischievous Misty, the most curious goat of all.

Eve toddled back and forth,
scooping and pouring,
until the bucket was empty.

“All done,” Gram said.
“Good job, Baby Girl!”

Gram picked up the pail
and headed back to the gate.

But Eve did not follow.

Gram looked back and saw
the little girl shaking her head
and twisting her foot.

Find out what happens when Eve doesn’t want her fun-filled day to end in this true and delightful story from The Wool Family Farm for children ages three to nine.

Perfect for homeschoolers and kids of all ages:
Show your child what life on the farm is all about and share a lively day on the farm with Gram and Eve. Explore plant life and learn what farm animals like to eat. Use the extra material at the end of the book to expand your child’s knowledge of the natural world around her.

Eve’s Big Day on the Farm is a story that will make your child will enjoy and grow revisit:

“I liked learning about the farm. I liked the story because it had a funny ending.”
—Scarlett B, age 5 (Connecticut)

“Let’s go to the farm now!”
—Elliott G, age 4 (Ohio)

“I liked Grammy and [the cart] throwing mud!”
—Joseph H, age 3 (United Kingdom)

“I loved it all! Especially how cute Eve is. It looked just like her in real life, and I loved
the sloppy furry pigs.”
—Phoebe H, age 5 (United Kingdom)

Eve’s Big Day on the Farm is a true adventure that took place on the author’s real farm—The Wool Family Farm—home to chickens, cows, donkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, pigs, sheep, and of course, goats. New to farming, Evelyn Wool and her family turned their world upside-down to try their hand at living off the land, discovering the joys and pitfalls of working with farm animals along the way. The adventures have just begun!

Evelyn Wool is the artist, author, and farmer behind the heart-warming world of  Mischievous Misty, the first in an illustrated series of Stories from the Wool Family Farm. The adventures have just begun!

Take a look behind the scenes to find out what it takes to publish a children’s book and learn more about the author.