About The Wool Family Farm

Our story in a nutshell: we grew up in the city, raised our children in the suburbs, then started all over again to build The Wool Family Farm.

Robert and Evelyn grew up in Cleveland, OH and Boston, MA, respectively. We met in college and started off our lives together in the Big Apple with demanding careers in consulting.  After a few years, we moved to Connecticut to raise our children in fresh air and sunshine and to open our first restaurant.

Our house stood on a whole acre of land, and we thought we had all the space in the world. We built a greenhouse and tried our best to maintain a garden amongst the native deer who thought the salad buffet was for them. Our mid-sized town had a working dairy farm at the time, and Evelyn would take the kids to watch the cows get milked and to pet the young calves in the barn.

The kids entered school and the years flew by in a blur: baseball, hockey, and soccer games; another restaurant; birthday parties, team celebrations; more restaurants; then college applications and high school graduations. In the later years, we grew tired of the ever-increasing snow storms that grew into super-storms with super power outages.

Before long, we began to dream of a new life, in a milder climate, on more land, with a chance to slow down a bit. When Robert received an offer to manage a restaurant district in North Carolina, we decided that would be a great place to start a farm.

Our family has expanded again and now includes our daughter-in-law, Hannah, and our new granddaughter, Eve Catherine. Here we are with some of our favorite furry friends.