Swafford Market Farm Day

September 14, 2023

Some Rules & Hints

  • Only do what you are comfortable doing.
  • Assume all electric fences are on (note: gates are not electrified)
  • Be sure you close any gates you open.
  • Animals enjoy their feed… a great way to get them to come over or get them away (feed is kept near the animals)
  • All animals are friendly…but keep your distance if you are behind them
  • Take a lot of pictures.  You will need a picture or video to verify completion of the challenges. Upload pictures on the Farm Challenge App.
  •  The team with the most points WINS. Keep track of points on App; You will need to upload a picture to receive your points; Multiple pictures can be upload for each item, but team can only get credit once.
  • Any questions ask… Have fun!