Ruby, our red Mangalitsa breeding sow, with the last boar of her fist litter with us.

Ruby’s Piglets

One red boar left from this litter. Available now.

White Mangalitsa Mama


Shown here with her first litter, Maggie has been a great mom from the get-go.

Curly, Mangalitsa Boar



Maggie’s Piglets

Only one black/white (swallow belly) boar left from this litter.

Wool Farm Butterscotch

Gisel's 2022 Doe (7/8 Nubian). Sire: Frog Flat LZ Steely Dan, Dam: Wool Farm Gisel.

Recorded Grade Dairy Goat Herd

RESERVED! Recorded Grade Champion Dairy Goat Herd, NC State Fair 2019 (left to right): Ava, Nola, Lily, Lila.

Maxi’s 2022 Buck Kids

Purebred Nubian bucks. SIre: Wool Farm Rhett. Dam: Wool Farm Maxine.

Old Spotted Boar

Two-year-old Old Spotted boar. Friendly and ready to breed.