Imagine this: It’s 7:00 pm, evening feeding time. After filling up the feed bucket, I open the gate to a beautiful 4 acre pasture with a large comma-shaped pond in the middle. I call, “Wilma! Pork Chop! dinner! Com’on, girls! Dinner!” Ah, here they come – our two sweet, calm little black Angus calves strolling calmly along the edge of the pond toward me and their feed trough.

Oh, did I say little? Did I say strolling? Well, take a look for yourself:

Now, that actually is the calm version. Sometimes, they really pick up speed heading in, I mean, they can be kinda scary.  If I am lucky enough to get the speedy version on video, I’ll add it below. Don’t hold your breath, though….I probably won’t stick around to video the speedy version!