Bonus Points!


One team member must be in the picture; each picture is worth 2 points

Outback Cow Bells


Wool Farm Challenge 2021

Some Rules & Hints:

  • Only do what you are comfortable doing
  • Assume all electric fences are on (note: gates are not electrified)
  • Please close any gates you open
  • Animals enjoy their feed…a great way to get them to come over or get them away (feed is kept near the animals)
  • All animals are friendly…but keep your distance if you are behind them
  • Take a lot of pictures. You will need a picture or video to verify completion of the challenges
  • Each challenge has a time limit; (time starts when the challenge pops up); You may not get all the clues or complete all the challenges
  • Any questions ask…Have fun!
  • The team with the most points WINS

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