Bonus Points!


One team member must be in the picture; each picture is worth 2 points

Outback Cow Bells


Where a needle is hard to find
Arrive at the round bale of hay for 5 points; find a needle in the hay bale for 10 extra points
Most trees have their roots firmly in the ground
You can settle for these 5 points or dig at the root cause and see if you find some additional points; you can only get one extra point container
Bugs may be found here
See if you can find a rabbit; Take a picture of a rabbit (5 points for the metal rabbit and 10 points for the live rabbit)
Charlotte’s friends are near by
You arrived and can take an easy 5 points. Go into the pig pen get a few more points by touching any pig for 5 extra points or catch any piglet for another 10 points
These kids are udderly cute in the Meadow
Take a picture holding a baby goat for 5 points; 20 points if you ask Evelyn to help you milk a goat
Yogi Bear would love this area
An easy 5 points; Time to relax and enjoy something from the picnic basket & the cooler
Front door to The Steakhouse; (Not the Outback Steakhouse)
You made it to the gate for 5 points; for an extra 5 points Team members can enter the Steakhouse and roll the log from point A to point B (or point B to point A)
Murphy’s Shrek Character
You arrived! Everyone can enjoy a shot of tequila for an easy 5 points; For extra points head into the pasture and take a selfie with a sheep or donkey; 5 extra points for a selfie with a sheep or donkey; 10 points for both.
You can get buzzed here without liquor
You made it...take 5 points. Open the hive, if you dare, to look for extra points; You can only select one extra point container
Rocky had a tough time catching this
Find an egg for 5 points or catch a chicken for 15 points
This area is a slam dunk
Any team member can take 3 free throws; 5 points for each basket
Forrest can be seen sitting on this
Enjoy something from the cooler for 5 points. If you catch a fish take an extra 15 points
This fruit is needed for a red or white beverage
This is an easy 5 points; Enjoy a nice glass of wine; pick some nearby berries or grapes (if ripe)
This deer has no legs
Take the team on a round trip hayride to the volleyball area (down the driveway; near the beach) for 5 points (return tractor to the starting point); enjoy a cool beverage on the ride; play some volleyball for 5 additioanl points
Friends of Trigger and Mr. Ed
Take a selfie with a horse for 5 points; Be careful the goat bucks might enjoy the fun.
Gilligan could have used this to get off the island
You arrived at the boat...take 5 points; For an extra 10 points 2 team members can take a quick boat ride; use the motor or paddle; note: sometimes the motor doesn’t work so you might need to paddle
Have a barrel of fun with Jim and Jack
The team can enjoy a sip or shot of Jack or Jim for 5 points
This pear of trees comes in three
Take a picture of the pear trees with team members for 5 points