Bonus Points!


One team member must be in the picture; each picture is worth 2 points

Outback Cow Bells


Where a needle is hard to find
Arrive at the round bale of hay for 5 points; find a needle in the hay bale for 10 extra points
Most trees have their roots firmly in the ground
You can settle for these 5 points or dig at the root cause and see if you find some additional points; you can only get one extra point container
Bugs may be found here
See if you can find a rabbit; Take a picture of a rabbit (5 points for the metal rabbit and 10 points for the live rabbit)
Charlotte’s friends are near by
Take the easy points or open the gate and get a few more points (touch any of the Mangalista (curly hair) pigs for 5 points
These kids are udderly cute
Take a picture holding a baby goat for 5 points; 20 points if you ask Evelyn to help you milk a goat
Yogi Bear would love this area
Time to relax; enjoy something from the picnic basket and the cooler (5 points); no challenge just relax
Front door to The Steakhouse (not the Outback Steakhouse)
Take the easy 5 points, or enter the Steakhouse and walk the length of the log without falling (3 team members can try) to earn 5 extra points for each team member who makes it, up to 15 points
Murphy’s Shrek Character
Everyone can enjoy a shot of tequila for an easy 5 points; head into the pasture and one team member can take a selfie with a buck or a donkey for 5 points.
Where there’s smoke there is fire
Start a small fire under the string using only the flint & steel; the fire must burn the string; put out fire when done (10 points)
Rocky had a tough time catching this
Find an egg for 5 points or catch a chicken for 15 points
You can dunk in this area
5 team members can take a free throw; 1 point for each basket (up to 5 points)
Relax on a beach or bench
Catch a fish (you must take a picture of the fish); enjoy something from the cooler (15 extra points for the fish)
Needed fruit for this red or white drink
Have a nice glass of wine; pick some nearby berries or grapes (if ripe); no challenge just relax
This deer has no legs
Take the team on a hayride to the volleyball area (down the driveway, near the beach) for 5 points. For extra points, get off at the beach and 1 team member must wade in the water and ring the bell for 5 points. Return tractor to starting point. Enjoy a cool beverage on the ride.
Friends of Trigger and Mr. Ed
Take a selfie with a horse for 5 points.
Looks like an island but it is a peninsula; locate the cow feed bin to start this challenge.
Take a shovel and walk on to the peninsula. In the center “X” marks the spot to dig for your treasure, You only dig at 1 “X” - choose wisely. 10 points if you find your treasure with gold coins. Return the coins at the end of the challenge.
Gilligan could have used this to get off the island
2-3 team members can take a quick boat ride; use the motor or paddle. Note: sometimes the motor doesn’t work so you might need to paddle (10 points)
Have a barrel of fun with Jim and Jack
The team can enjoy a sip or shot of bourbon, no challenge
Head over a bridge and find something in Fred Sanford’s driveway
Open the gate or hop over the fence, find a big white pig and rub her head
These pear trees come in threes
Take a group picture in front of a pear tree