Beef & Mangalitsa Pork

Our small herd of Angus, Galloways and Highland cows are raised on carefully managed pastures and are provided minerals and supplement hay when needed. Market steers are finished on grass and high-quality grain to balance flavor, tenderness, and nutritional value of the meat.

Our pigs are Mangalitsa and Berkshire/Hampshire/Yorkshire crosses grown on pasture/woodlot where they have room to root, wallow, and act like pigs. They supplemented with premium grains soaked in goat milk and nuts, resulting in mouth-wateringly sweet, tender, and juicy pork. Mangalitsa pork, known as “the Kobe beef of pork”, is extra juicy and dark red.

We offer a variety of boxes of beef or pork in family sizes, or you may purchase whole or partial animal shares. Call us at 919-307-1409 to purchase on the farm.