Mischievous Misty

“No, no, no, Misty,” Gram said. “Don’t jump!” Find out what happens in this true and “absolutely delightful” story of Misty the mischievous dairy goat on Gram’s farm.

Perfect for homeschoolers and kids of all ages:
A richly illustrated storybook, Mischievous Misty immerses your child in the heart-warming world of dairy goats through photos, dairy breed descriptions, advanced vocabulary definitions, Gram’s Dinner Time Song, and maps of the farm.

Also available is the companion Mischievous Misty Activity Book with dot-to-dots, mazes, word searches, criss-cross puzzles and more.

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Children’s picture book. Misty is a precocious little goat who must know exactly what Gram is doing at all times. Misty’s curiosity gets her into all sorts of mishaps, causing her and Gram to change their ways.