For Sale

Morgen Star Hazel Mae

  • ADGA ID: N1753565
  • Born: 02/11/2014
  • Tattoos: RE: MSF2 LE: E10
  • LA: 86 VEVA
  • Breed: Nubian
  • Gender: Doe
  • Hazel is a sweet doe of a bit smaller stature than our average purebred Nubian doe. She is one of the few Nubians with solid-colored ears that match her body, a recessive trait to be sure. Hazel is an excellent brood doe and a great milk producer. Easy to milk by hand or machine, Hazel never fusses on the milk stand. She has passed a very level top line and strong feet/legs/back to several fine registered offspring, including CinnamonFennel, Nutmeg, Ebony, Coco, and Dotty.

    Hazel is now retired from breeding for our herd, and we would love to see Hazel go to someone who is looking mainly for a companion or herd-mate for another goat. At 7 years old, Hazel is still of breeding age, and she has never needed assistance with kidding; however, a new owner would be most successful if present at birth to ensure that kids receive colostrum and are bottle fed until weaning.